The Benefit of Using Dedicated Server

What is Dedicated Server?

Websites have become one of the vital parts in running business. There are many functions and benefits of owning a website. In the early stages of running business, your website may be based on shared hosting and server. Once you get your business developed, it is better to migrate and use dedicated server. It gives great benefits, and it is not just for the website. Even, it can boost the other aspects of your business.

Main Benefit of Using Dedicated Server for Your Business Website

There is big difference between shared and dedicated server. In the shared server, the server is used and shared between some websites. Then, in the dedicated server, the server is intended only for your website and hosting. It means there is no interruption from other websites. Of course, dedicated server has higher price, but this brings more benefits. That is why it is time to migrate once you find that your business has developed. In term of benefits, these are some of them.

  1. Exclusive service and access

When things have become exclusive, it means that better and more services can be obtained. It also happens in the dedicated server. Once you migrate and use the dedicated server, you get the exclusive benefits of server for your site. It means you get full access and functions of the servers, starting from CPU, RAM, bandwidth, and other details. These are not shared and these are focused only on your web.

Then, it is like having and owning your own house. In other words, you have full access of all things in the house, including things to add in there. It is also applied in the dedicated server. The server belongs to you, so you get the root access to make changes, adjustments, and additions to the server.

  • Flexibility in optimizing the server

Once your business has developed, it will need improvement. The performance must be enhanced and features must be increased in order to keep the development and continue the good trends. In this case, it also happens for the website. You will need to make some customization, adjustments, and even improvements in term of user’s experiences and features.

Once you get the dedicated server, these are possible to do. As what is mentioned above, you get the root access. It means that you get freedom for conducting customization without worrying about other websites.

  • Improved security and performance

In the dedicated server, RAM, CPU, and bandwidth will only belong to your website. Therefore, the peak season and high traffic will not be big problems for your website. All sectors of performances will be focused only in your web, so you can also reach peak performance during the high traffic.

Security can also be upgraded. It can happen because you get freedom of choosing the server security provider. You are free to choose the specific package of protection, so there will be less risks of malware attacking your web. Those are some great benefits to obtain from the dedicated servers. Surely, it is recommended to migrate since there are plenty of benefits. Higher performance, security, and customization can be achieved which are useful for the business website.