What is Dedicated Server?

What is Dedicated Server?

If you are having a public website, you want your audience to be able to access it. That is why you employ the service of website hosting provider. In the website hosting business, you might have heard about a type of server called dedicated server. This type of server is highly recommended for website that needs to handle immense amount of traffics in regular basis. Let’s get to know this type of server better.

Dedicated Server and Its Characteristics

A dedicated server is one kind of distant server that is rented by website owner exclusively to be used as their website server that broadcasts the website to the entire World Wide Web or WWW. In addition to providing an exclusive server, the provider will also offer software that will support your website management as well as steady connection to the internet.

This type of server is said to be more reliable than shared hosting server because website owner does not need to share resources. If your website is very well visited (you get millions of traffics to deal with every single day), you are recommended to use this server type. Not only reliable, dedicated server might be a better choice from economical perspective. When using this type of server, you can save up the costs for network administration, router, and the Internet connection. Here are several distinctive characteristics that can be found in dedicated server.

  1. High Level of Security Backup

As you know, dedicated server is located at a place distant from the website’s owner main system. It ensures that there is a backup if the owner’s data is lost. Many hosting providers also offer full range of security service for their customers to ensure that their data are safe. The security system is not limited to the virtual system but also the physical one.

  • Good Technical Support

Since renter of dedicated server must pay high price for the service, it is understandable that they would be getting good technical support from the service provider. The technical support is usually available at 24/7 rate and can be contacted through various means of communication. This is really helpful because no one ever knows when trouble might arise.

  • Options for Control Panel

Every hosting server provider tends to develop their own spin of control panel. The panel is equipped with various functions that will help managing one’s website becoming so much easier. Usually, customer of dedicated server will be able to get additional functions that are pretty useful in their day to day activity.

  • Specific Computer System

A characteristic of dedicated server that is pretty unique is specific requirement for computer system. As expected, dedicated server needs to handle immense amount of data. Because of that, the server or computer system must be high specs. You must be having CPU that works really fast (big RAM size) and can save plenty of data.

  • Availability

Another characteristic of dedicated server is its high availability. In shared hosting, you may experience offline server every once a while. Dedicated server is designed to stay online most of the time so that your website’s visitors will be able to visit your website at any time.

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