What Is a Cloud Server?

What Is a Cloud Server?

The term cloud server refers to infrastructures that acts as internet server through cloud computing. The key is cloud technology that’s not new thing in this era. Server provides access to client and users connect to it via internet. In general, cloud server is what commonly called as infrastructure as a service. When buying server, you get the service for using infrastructure virtually and physically.

Understanding the Cloud Server

  1. Definition and types of cloud server

Definition of cloud server expands as technology advanced in order to adjust with recent demand. In past time, server was physical that’s accessed through internet. It was similar to computer at home, but you leased through provider. Due to high demand, that server is expanded and divided into several virtual ones. Therefore, one physical computer has some virtualization computing. Each is rented to personal customer. Therefore, cloud server consists of two types: the virtual and physical one.

  • How does it work?

Knowing the type of server is not enough because you should understand the way it works. Both physical and virtual servers have similarities and differences. In term of similarities, the server has basic specs as same as the regular computer. You can see internal hard drive, RAM, operating system, etc. The only difference is virtual uses allocation process. One physical hard drive is divided into several storages for virtual services.

To access the server, cloud server has integrated API that’s simpler and easier than direct connection. With API, developers can focus on their front-end application, and the server is developed separately. It gives compact and stable integrity in order to make sure the data and application works simultaneously. They don’t have to change the server if only want to replace skin or theme in application.

  • Installation and functions

Providers allocate certain location for dedicated and physical server. After that, they create virtual one for small and personal utilization. For large-scale business and corporation, cloud server requires more space and capability. Installation expands to be more than one physical drive. The functions depend on what users need. In general, server is useful to host website file in order to be accessed via internet. For corporate and business, the server will handle many works to fulfill organization needs.

  • Technology and scalability

One key benefit for having cloud sever is flexibility and scalability. Users can order server and its specification as basic if not much work to do. When you need more bandwidth or storage, providers will give access automatically. In that case, users don’t have to rent the entire new package because they only order based on what they need. This benefit is also a part of scalability level. For large business, cloud server has compatible technology to many platforms. The server is accessible through various systems that users do. It doesn’t matter what system and platform that server uses. As long as it is accessible, users can use any device and platform.

From above explanation, cloud server has definition that involves several aspects. It will change few years ahead due to advanced technology. On the other side, the basic principle is still similar from initial development until today situation.