The Benefit of Using Cloud Server

What Is a Cloud Server?

Cloud server becomes popular service nowadays, although it started long time ago. You may familiar with term VPS and dedicated server. Both are initial example of cloud server development. Even though the name is different, the basic service and principle is still similar. With more benefits to come, cloud server becomes interesting and reliable options.

More Benefits of Cloud Server

  1. Accessibility

Users rely on cloud server because of accessibility. You don’t need to purchase physical server and keep it at home. On the other hand, server is in cloud computing that’s accessible via internet. Users may access from anywhere as long as the internet service is available. This is benefit as the first thing that comes up when discussing about server.

  • Scalability

In old service, providers create package with certain allocation, such as bandwidth, RAM, platform, and storage. You bought one of their offers and received exactly what had been stated. One issue is you need more storage or RAM separately. Cloud server gives only what you need the most, not in fixed package. Customer chooses server configuration and provider will deploy it immediately. Therefore, the service is scalable to expand anytime.

  • Cost effectiveness

Cost effectiveness is side by side by scalability. In fixed package, you pay based on price that has been stated by provider. On cloud server, the price is flexible and relatively cheaper. You pay based on what you need. Some users only access server occasionally. In that case, they pay based on bandwidth that has been utilized. It keeps cost in check and suitable for small business.

  • Integration

Cloud service is technology commonly called as infrastructure as a service. You don’t have physical product or hardware. Due to nature of this service, integration becomes easy. Server only focuses to deliver service for users that access through various platforms. This integration is better than old technology because the cloud server has API. Each platform from user sides is developed separately. Server development only focuses on processing data. On the other side, users focus on how date is retrieved to fulfill their needs. If client’s application is crashed, server is still working.

  • Security and stability

Based on integration mode, cloud server becomes resilient and secure from attack. When something happens on server side, client only have issue regarding accessibility. Their sides are still in proper condition. In this situation, server receives update for security and it becomes more stable. This integration seems separated, but it is the best security option. One side cannot affect the entire system, and the problem is easy to locate immediately for quick solution.

  • Features and technology

Cloud server has features depending on what users need. Personal users and small business have their own need. On the other side, large-scale business will integrate many features in order to adjust with organization level. The benefit is flexibility to add feature, and get rid of anything unnecessary.

From benefits of cloud server above, you know why this technology becomes integral part in the future development. The server can do more since initial deployment. Those benefits shape most of users today.

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