Window Server 2019

window server 2019

For you who are working with websites, the latest version of Window Server becomes interesting things to discuss. Now, Windows Server 2019 has been released. There are many updates and upgrades offered by this new version which are considered as one of the massive changes. These are not only regular updates, but the new version is also like new product with better packaging and feature of Windows Server.

Some Great Features in Windows Server 2019

When talking about Windows Server, so far it becomes the popular server operating system. Many server and hosting providers take benefits from the Windows Server, so the updates are good news since there are good features to offer. The release was actually announced in 2018, so it is no longer new things, but it is still good to see some good updates of features offered by this operating system.

  1. Windows Admin Center

Now, Windows Server 2019 announces and introduces the new Windows Admin Center. As its name, it is an application dedicated to manage the server and cluster. Even, it can give access for the management of hyper-converged infrastructure. All of these managements are accessed from the browser since the admin center can run on web platform. Moreover, it provides access to manage some Windows 10 PCs also.

The Windows Admin Center is not only specifically available in Windows Server 10. This can be installed in Windows 10. Even, it is available for the lower or earlier version of both Windows Operating System and Windows Server. This feature can be obtained in the same package of Windows Server 2019, so it is not necessary to purchase the feature.

  1. Security

In term of security, it also gets good features. It is the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). It may be under the name of Windows Defender, but it has big differences and working mechanism that will make sure all servers are safe from the threats and malwares.

It works by detecting and blocking the malicious programs or malwares that is coming to the servers. Many files are detected and analyzed to get full protection. Then, it also gives network protection since it now becomes the main portal for malwares to enter the devices. Of course, there are still other features, such as mitigation mechanism and folder access.

  1.  Storage Mitigation Service

For the sector of storage, it is the nice and useful feature offered by the new Windows Server 2019. It helps the owner of servers to migrate easily to this new Windows Server 2019. This already provides feature that will help the data management during transfer. Configuration is provided, so the users will know what they are going to transfer and migrate.

It also makes sure the process of data transfer will not affect the installed apps. In other words, applications can be transferred together its file and setting, so they still can work properly. In addition, there will be changes unless the access is granted. Those are some interesting features offered in new Windows Server 2019. There are still other features provided by this server operating system. Now, it gives better performance and flexibility in accessing and operating the server. Even, the container host can give access for Windows and Linux containers to work and run together. Moreover, there is docker daemon for this new access.